AMC Management

Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) is one of the most effective and innovative online and web-based Service Contract management system. It provides the seamless usability to manage all your AMC (Companies, customers, Contracts, Complains) under one system.The process is designed in such a way that the operational time is much less than other systems.


Manage Service Contract

Managing service contracts with NewPro enables you to promptly revert to the customer. It enables you to track customer history, whether the customer is in Contract or the Contract has expired, before attending the service call.

Digitally capturing service contract keeps you informed about the contracts that are active or expired.

Alerts and Reminders

Set your reminders so you never miss an important task. Alerts can be set to recur at specified dates or as a one-time event. Reminders or alerts are push notifications sent to your email. The most common landlord reminders include:

  • Rent collection or deposit
  • Lease expiry or renewal
  • Bill payments including utilities and strata fees
  • Notes on repairs and maintenance

Rental Management

This is a powerful management tool that combines all the features you need to run your business into one integrated solution that goes down to tracking each and every device.Exceptionally customizable and ideal for creating and managing orders.


Product Management

With NewPro, you can keep all your product information in one location. With a dedicated account for each product you can track:

  • Product financial cashboard with cash flow graphs
  • Alerts and recurring reminders on important tasks
  • Notes on transactions,annual reports,taxes,etc
  • Maintenance and more.

Unlimited Products

Whether you have 1 or 100 products,cubeepro will grow with you.You can manage an unlimited number of products efficiently.

Cash Flow Tracking

At the end of the day, cash flow is what matters.Our cashboard displays financials for each of your products and for the entire portfolio. By monitoring your cash flow, you’ll know how and where you can maximize your income and expenses. Get insight with graphs presenting.

Call Management

Provides a great customer support experience. Prioritize, manage and close an ever-increasing volume of requests that reach your organization through a variety of channels. This is a flexible, web-based help desk support tool that allows you to provide the support experience your customers deserve.


Register Complaint

You may receive customer complaints from various sources, such as email, telephone, web etc. Tracking these complaints enable, you to resolve issues in time, and quickly respond to customers. NewPro enables you to record the essential details related to complaint such as the customer contact, the caller details and complaint description.

Assign Complaint To Service Executive

After complaint is received it is assigned to service executive. Assigning complaint to service executives ensures every complaint is attended. It also helps to analyze and promptly allocate complaint to the service personnel.

Complaint Closure

This is the last stage in complaint management that enables you to track the status of complaint i.e. solved or pending. Tracking status enables you to identify the complaints that are open or not resolved and take timely actions. You can track details such as status of complaint, measures/action taken to resolve the issue.